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Returns & Refunds

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We guarantee the high standard of our used car parts through vigorous checks and quality control. However, if for some reason, you’re unhappy with the goods you’ve received, or there are clear defects or damages to the product, you can lodge a claim with us.

You can lodge a claim within 14 days from receiving the goods. Every claim is considered on a case by case basis and our managers will do their best to rectify any issues for you.

Refund methods

We can refund money in a number of ways:

  • By crediting your account balance on website so you can use the money for future orders
  • By depositing a refund amount to the Visa/MasterCard or American Express card that you used to pay for the order
  • By depositing a refund amount to the PayPal account that you used to pay for the order

Money will be refunded within 7 days of receiving the returned product and confirming your claim. Please ask your manager what refund options are there when finalizing your refund.

How to lodge a refund claim?

Get in touch by clicking here or email us directly at We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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